Welcome to Chattanooga Friends

The Chattanooga Monthly Meeting is an individual Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers.  We are affiliated with FGC (Friends General Conference) which is made up mostly of unprogrammed Meetings.

There is no formal minister, we believe in ministering to each other.   After beginning our worship when the first person sits down around 10:00 am, a ”clerk” ends our Meetings for Worship when he or she shakes hands with someone close to them.  We break for about 20 minutes and reconvene at 11:30 for a second hour discussion.

Typically, our second hour discussion on the 2nd Sunday of the month is Meeting for Worship  with Attention to Business, and our 2nd hour on the 3rd Sunday of the month is Potluck (Eating Meeting).

We meet every week at 10 AM at 335 Crestway Drive in Chattanooga. Our phone number is 423 629-2580. Everyone is very welcome.

Chattanooga Friends Meeting Mission Statement

  • Nurture individual experience and understanding of the Inward Light and each person’s spiritual journey based on historic Quaker faith
  • Cultivate personal, meeting, and wider community awareness and active practice of core Quaker values including simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship, and speaking truth to power

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